Tony Petrozza

Tony Petrozza really is a sailboat captain; aka “Capt Sqns” (sickness) that’s him on his boat Spazmo, not his previous boat Smelly … which sunk.  is Spazmo. His dog Fidelis is always with him. Even when he goes to work servicing red light cameras for NYC.

The show

The latest trailer of The Capt Sqns (sickness) show that has garnered the serious attention the producers were after can be seen at A near full schedule of appointments has been set at this upcoming RealScreen. Previously the show was a semi-scripted comedy. Feedback from the industry was that they really like the show and the Capt. but they wanted more reality and adventure. We did that plus gave them a family business. Yet the Capt. is actually a larger than life character so that version really does not do a good job of capturing him in that way.

This previous 16 minute sizzle reel does: if you’ve seen the pilot already you can start at 6:30. That cue starts Tony’s Coney Island romance. At 12:20 homage to the famous anti-pollution Indian PSA of the 70s can be seen. Tony is a huge environmentalist (and loves Indians too though he’s not so politically correct) and gets rabid when he sees pollution. At 13:29 the director and star square off. They had previously tried to mess with fishermen (they pollute!) by using scuba to attach a human head to their fishing hooks, but it didn’t work out. So Tony had another idea.


Tony and Roy

Tony Petrozza and Roy Szuper have been friends since the mid 90s when Tony joined Roy’s sketch comedy troupe “My Wave’.  They’ve since worked together numerous times. Petrozza appeared in Szuper’s short film, “Charcoal,” (IMDB) and starred in Szuper’s first feature, “Gonzo Music Diaries, NYC.” When Tony first approached Roy to direct his idea for a nautical adventure show, he did not foresee a satire of reality shows. In their original pilot they scripted, improvved and shot reality, but it gets most exciting when things go wrong on the water, danger really does lurk. No matter how they go about it Roy always finds the drama between Tony and every character on the show.

Tony Bio

Although Tony is also a writer and musician (having fronted the punk band Status Quo No Show) acting is his greatest passion. He studied it at college in Arizona while working as a gunfighter at a Western theme park and studio (as “The Brooklyn Kid”). Prior to that he studied at the City University of New York while pursuing a promising drug and partying career.  It was not until he met George Morrison at The New Actors Workshop did he finally find a mentor. He even stopped doing drugs for a while. He studied privately with George for a time and still regrets leaving his tutelage.

After years of trying, Tony finally got clean and sober in 2000 and has stayed that way.  He is committed to self improvement. He dusted off his childhood dream to become a sailor and learned how to be one. His first boat sunk. He hopes to not have a repeat with his boat Spazmo… unless the cameras are there to shoot it. When Tony was in the Army in the 80s he tried to become a scuba diver but failed the test because he was hung over. After getting clean, he has become an avid and ambitious diver, having now already dived under ice and in caverns despite his claustrophobia. One of Tony’s credos is “He who dares wins” He plans to dare many more things.


Not your usual person

When not on his nautical adventures the Capt has a new direction. He’s leaving his regular employment and starting his own life-coaching practice.  He’s trained in NLP by Rex Sikes  and even a certified coach but is becoming more interested in an EST-like approach; berating and yelling at his clients until they are more or less of an asshole.


For many years Tony has been obsessed with zombies. Ever since he saw Night of the Living Dead while Grandma babysat. When his parents came home he was trembling in a corner armed to the teeth.  So he’ll dress up as a zombie from time to time, sometimes scaring the hell out of people. something he and his girlfriend did just for poops and giggles.

When the show gets picked up Tony wants to bring the band back. this pic with him as a zombie is just after he’s his band SQNS just played a Halloween show. he was known as a not-so-good-singer but a helluva front man in the NY Punk scene.

Tony’s biggest complaint about these trailers and pilot is that there was not enough scuba in it. He’s an avid diver and wants to explore the many wrecks of NY for the show

Both he and his girlfriend are huge animal lovers; she saves them and brings them home. Here’s Tony’s pigeon gets into someone’s salad! They considers her like a daughter.


Tony has a love for ancient Rome and has decorated his entire living room to look that way. Now and then he’ll don one of his real suits of armor and walk around the neighborhood.

The relationship between Tony and his mother is extremely playful. Mostly on Tony’s side. People can’t believe the things he says to her. She’s always telling him to “shuddup!” t  She does not want to appear on the show, Tony says “Ma we’ll mosaic your face out!”

His latest passion is snowboarding. He and his girlfriend Rockxy do it as much as they can and always video it

At his heart he loves sailing and promises to shave his back for the show

Tony knows that one day he will be a great captain



One page

The original pilot of Nautical Adventures of Capt Sqns (sickness). NYC can be seen at it’s divided into 11 short webisodes.   People responded very well to it. Tony wanted it to be much more educational but the comedy could not be resisted.  The new trailer reflects the original intent but you can always rely on some sort of shenanigans.

“Nautical Adventures of Capt Sqns (“sickness”). NYC” It’s been described as a punk-rock Jacques Cousteau… on acid. Set on, around and even under the NY area waterways, NACS is a reality show featuring an unconventional, over-the–top, amateur mariner who is determined to do things his own way. Tony Petrozza aka Capt Sqns is an animal–lover, environmentalist and entrepreneur; never taking himself too seriously that he can’t make fun of himself … and everyone else along the way. Join him as he takes us on explorations often with his struggling charter business. NACS doesn’t try to fit into one genre as much as creates its own. However it’s capitalizing on a successful formula popular today – the family business. And there’s always drama, whether it’s with his first mate that has started another charter business, or his girlfriend, family or even clients. You’ve never seen NYC this way before!